Sunday, December 5, 2010

Punk Rock Polenta Skillet

I woke up hungry and wanted a huge restaurant style breakfast skillet.

Started with potatoes onion, broccoli, tomatoes, polenta and daiya "cheese."

Cube the potatoes and start frying them because they take the longest. I season mine with cumin, salt, black pepper and a dash of seasoning mix I liberated from a certain chain restaurant who serves bottomless fries and sports a crimson song bird. 
When the potatoes are almost cooked through add onion and garlic.

Continue cooking until the onions are translucent.

Rough chop the broccoli and dice the tomatoes. We bought convention tomatoes out of season and it was a mistake. These things look and feel fake. Organic produce it totally worth it and we should go with out when they are out of season. 
Transfer your potatoes into a cast iron skillet and pile on the broccoli and tomatoes.
Slice and fry your polenta.
Cut the fresh basil, sage and rosemary. 
Liberally sprinkle your fresh herbs over your skillet.
Add the fried polenta and cover with Daiya cheese. 
Place the skillet in the center of the top rack in a 350˚ oven.
While it's baking mix up your favorite gravy. I used a conventional vegan mix from our local health food store; if I had my druthers I'd use the rosemary gravy from Watercourse but I don't have any and I don't want to make a 2 hour round trip. Although it would be worth it. 
Bake the skillet for 15 minutes. This is a perfect time to make yourself a cup of coffee.
Pull the baked skillet out of the oven...
...carefully plate, cover with gravy, top with fresh, lightly salted avocado and serve.

Use this to kick off your day paired with a cheap champagne mimosa and Fiery Jack by The Toy Dolls.

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  1. I'm eating leftovers right now and it's still tasty :)